11 Aug 2016

Zoom for sight (multiple zoom x4 x8 x16 x30) for World of Tanks WOT (4 options)


* Tested for mikropatcha World of tanks
What to hide, many players like WOT stand in the bushes and shoot at the enemy from a distance. But the multiplicity of standard sight is not always enough. To this end, and made multiple zoom mode (zoom mod). Now you can do damage to the opponent at the maximum distance without losing the quality of sight. Each tank will be in front of you, at a glance. It remains only to find a weak spot in the armor of enemy tanks and make a shot. In the archive we have collected a few options Zoom (4-fold, 8-fold, 16-fold, 30-fold, etc.). We recommend to try everything and choose a suitable it is for your style of play.
Adjust zoom by itself can be a file
WOT \ res_mods \ 0.9.x \ gui \ ZoomX.xml
Do not forget to activate the zoom setting of the client game! (See. Screenshot)