16 Feb 2016

Modpak from Psycho - assembly by PSIX mods for World of Tanks 0.9.13 WOT

9.13 [ZJ] ContourLook Build 028 Demo By ZorroJan

Reload timer enemies and allies with the configuration file for the World of tanks 0.9.13 WOT VERSION 079

- Work extended until 01.03.2016
Updated to the latest version. The problems with the use conflicts with other mods, etc. tell in the comments.

The new implementation of the usual fashion for recharge timer enemies and allies of World of tanks 0.9.13 will please all lovers of cheating customizable.
In addition, this modification is not available markers indicate enemy that prevent many players World of tanks. 

Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.
To set up you need to open the file
World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0 . 9 . X \ scripts directory \ the client \ mods \ ZJ_Mods \ the xml \ ZJ_MRL.xml
and using Notepad ++ editor to set all the necessary parameters. You can change many parameters - color marker recharge allies and opponents on and off the charging display on the minimap, possibly including consideration of military brotherhood and additional ration in calculating the charging time, an indication of hot keys for on / off modifications and some other parameters

14 Feb 2016

9.13 b4it Beta - Version 17.3 By Jeong

Whats inside:

- 6th sense without the perk, sound notification when you are out of spot

- Red Ball and AutoFocus
- Destroyed objects on the minimap
- Tundra
- Lasers
- OTM Reload + Reload line
+ Enemy gun direction
+ Automatic repair (modules, crew, fire extinguisher)
+ Target Info (Equipment installed, base view range, view range with equipment)
+ All settings are controlled thru ingamne GUI
+ Aim Bot by lportii
+ Chameleon
+ Something was hit
+ The shadow of the disappeared enemy
+ Arty the scope of propel fragments

V17.3 change log:

12 Feb 2016

Fashion from Amway921 - modpak Amway under WOT 0.9.13 World of Tanks

WoT - T-54 litw Ace Tanker, High Calibar, Radley Walters (9 kills) by Hariasz (Kazna)

Avtopritsel Darktim in finding vulnerabilities and great anticipation for the World of tanks 0.9.13 WOT

Sight Taipan indicator armor thickness for World of tanks 0.9.13 WOT

Tested for the client version of World of tanks 0.9.13
Excellent sight Taipan indicator armor thickness for World of tanks 0.9.13 is designed to facilitate the destruction of enemies in the world of battle tanks fields. Sight displays on the screen all the necessary parameters: the distance to the enemy machine, the total charging time, the percentage of the remaining health points in your tank and so on.

Autofocus priority objective in the Working Capital battles for World of tanks 0.9.13 WOT