11 Aug 2016

Reload timer enemies with the configuration file for the World of tanks WOT Author: ZorroJan

* Checked for mikropatcha World of tanks

* Trial version is released for 083 WOT to 21/08/2016
Updated to the latest version. The problems with the use conflicts with other mods, etc. tell in the comments.

The new implementation of the usual fashion for enemies reload timer World of tanks please all connoisseurs cheats customizable.
In addition, this modification is not available markers indicate enemy that prevent many players World of tanks. 

Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.
To set up you need to open the file
and using Notepad ++ editor to set all the necessary parameters. You can change many parameters - color marker recharge allies and opponents on and off the charging display on the minimap, possibly including consideration of military brotherhood and additional ration in calculating the charging time, an indication of hot keys for on / off modifications and some other parameters.