11 Aug 2016

The newest cheat avtopritsel ProAim with anticipation for the World of tanks WOT

* Tested for mikropatcha World of tanks
The newest cheat avtopritsel Pro Aim-ahead for World of tanks help you improve accuracy on all types of tanks of the world art. The main advantages of this implementation cheat avtopritsel - an excellent algorithm for calculating the trajectory of enemy movement for shooting for preemption, which takes into account many parameters, including the speed of your projectile; Automatic snap convenient enemy who is hiding behind obstacles; lumbago opponent indicator - Green indicates that the enemy is in the chamber, red indicates that the opponent is behind an obstacle. Also, you can choose the aiming point.
By default, the mod is set to control KEY_NUMPAD6 and KEY_NUMPAD8 button.
Setting sight occurs in the file
res_mods \ 0.9.x \ scripts \ client \ mods \ pro_aim.xml
For editing use Notepad ++ or analogues necessary.
In this file, you can change parameters such as the size of the target capture sector, modification of the language used, the activation of the graphic display, the selection of the target, mode of operation, together with the size of the server, Sleep avtopritsel delay in departure from the glare captured targets, the switch-off anticipation and others.