22 Aug 2016

Building modifications of legal and prohibited from Djonny for World of tanks WOT version: 7.6

Mod Pack updated to version 7.6 patch from 8/22/16
• Fixed a bug with white background in sniper scope
• Fixed a bug with inactive KEYS in battle
• Fixed crash after leaving the battlefield!
• Fixed the wrong direction pointers!
• Added mod "Calculator armor of tanks in the hangar."
• Updated «XVM» mod.
• Updated mod "Sight mini from Djonny».
• Updated fashion "Statuses LBZ."
• Updated mod "rating players in battle without XVM».
• Fashion Updated to 9.1.16 "Charge only enemy."
• Updated events to 1.09.16 «AimBot Shaytan.».
• Fashion Updated to 1.9.16 "X-ray + marking an open goal."
Citerna modpak legal and prohibited from Djonny mods for tanks of World the WOT . Modpak is equipped with a convenient installer. You can choose only those fashion that you need.

The following represent a summary of the components of modpaka :
* Player Rankings without XVM.
Counter own damage without XVM
* Game Statistics
* White corpses tanks.
* Downed tracks white.
* LBZ status in the game.
* Panels damage.
* I lit
* Scripts and programs for increasing FPS
* Disable flood dynamic platoons.
* Natankovanny armor damage.
* Color markers of hits
* Ranking status in the battle.
* Command bar bill.
* On-line statistics clan.
* CQC chaos
* On-line statistics clan.
* Battle Assistant (key G).
* Replay Manager.
* 6 Voice feelings.
* Hit without glare.
* Improved icons shells and modules 
* The shadow of the missing tank.
* Black sky, the sun off.
* Avtolechenie crew.
* Reload timer.
* Remove the leaves. (The F2 key) (partially or completely)
* Red balloons
* Avtopritsel: ZJ AimBot Shaytan; aim by sae
* Automatic fire extinguisher
* X-ray + marking an open goal
* Avtolechenie and repair on the "E"
* And much more....

Some modes of assembly are prohibited. You use them at your own risk.

Password to access the cheats 00000.