28 Nov 2015

9.12 Stealthz HackPack

AnTiNooB modpack 9.12

Fashion for weak computers WOT 9.12

Your attention is a completely new assembly from the still little-known author. The main purpose of the assembly was a minimal loss of mods FPS, minimalist and fully functional working all the mods that are collected.
The composition of the assembly mods include: The sight of the player Spectr20. Damage panel Gambit.
Minimalistic hangar.
Quotes wargag in the combat boot.
Posts troll.
Olenemer with a complete set.
Removed visual effects that stress the computer system and reduce.
Attention modpak only be installed on a clean game client.
Download the archive.
Place all the contents of the folder res_mods in the game folder.



At the server console Write sv_cheats 1, thereby shutting the following cheats

(in some cases it is necessary to change the map)

changelevel (name) - change the map

impulse101 - $ 16,000
givespaceweapon_awp - Arctic sniper rifle
sv_gravity (-999 to 999999) - modification of gravity
sv_aim - automatic sniper rifle sighting
give Weapon_ (smaller) - Gun (less)
gl_zmax 0 - you'll see and shoot through walls
gl_zmax 3600 - setting the walls to normal
lambert -1.0001 - leaving ožiarujúcich lights
cl_hidefrags 0 - shows the number of other players Frags
cl_forwardspeed 999 - faster movement forward
cl_backspeed 999 - faster movement backwards
cl_sidespeed 999 - to move faster to the sides
+ Reload - enable auto-reload
-reload - disabling auto-reload
mp_c4timer (1-100) - 4 sets the timer
sv_clienttrace 9999 - enables automatic tracking
sv_clienttrace 0000 - turn off automatic tracking
adjust crosshair - changes the color of the targeting crosshair
TimeLeft - shows how much time is left before the map changes
crosshair (1-5) - turns off augmentation rifle cross when shooting
mp_freezetime (seconds) - sets the time waiting for the start of the round
mp_roundtime (3-15) - sets the max. length of rounds, you pass the
mp_timelimit - sets the number of minutes between the change maps
mp_friendlyfire [0 or 1] - Switch to custom shooting options
mp_footsteps [0 or 1] - switch the sound of steps, default 1
give (name) - select weapons
skin (name) - Skin selection

NoFrame for World of Tanks 9.12

Sight " Valuhov " for WOT 0.9.12

26 Nov 2015

Fermani mod pack 9.12

The panel received and the damage to the enemy cooldown 0.9.12

World of Tanks - Kazna Kru vs. Arete - WGL Grand Finals 2015 - Group B

9.12 Arty Reload Timer

Raid Call for World of Tanks

WOT Reg Edit 0.9.12

SpaceGK's WoT 9.12 Modpack (v1.2)

Free camera for viewing maps in offline mode [ 0.9.12 ]

9.12 WoT ModPack By Zielony V.5.0

23 Nov 2015


Mav's Ultra Fog Remover for 9.12

The usual pictures of fans of FC Radnicki Nis (Serbian league)

What does the patch 9.13?/Šta nam donosi peč 9.13?

[9.12] Svatekl2 Mod Pack v10.1 Read more http://worldof-tanks.com/svatekl2-modpack-installer/

Premium-Camouflage ModPack 0.9.12 v1 by passi_96 / NA Server alias: Hunter_02

0.9.12 Xray (gray color)

Color indicator for the damage timer WOT 0.9.12

Конфиг XVM от Ms_RamiS для World of Tanks 0.9.12

Информер умений и навыков (перков) экипажа в бою для World of Tanks 0.9.12

Мод шестое чувство «Око Саурона» для WOT 0.9.12 + звуки

World Of Warships Aim Assist v0.5.1.2 By Johans

WOT Cache Cleaner Pro. v1 1.0.0

Арт прицел на миникарте 0.9.12 для всех разрешений экрана

9.12 MaxMods MegaPack

9.12 MCTCreator - White Tanks, Tracks And Anything Else You Need By StranikS_Scan

Serbian Clan Meraklije Niš


Пак аниме шкурок для всех наций с инсталлятором WOT 0.9.12

Мод смены ангаров при нажатии кнопки прямо в ангаре [0.9.12] + пак ангаров

УГН от Dikey93 для World of tanks 0.9.12

9.12 J1mB0's XVM Config v6.1.5

9.12 [ZJ] Marker Re-Load build 070 Demo (Gox config)

9.12 DrWebber Tundra (YES, FINALLY !!!) Huge THANKS to WowTanker

9.12 3D Sphere By Makct

9.12 Xft' Integrated DamageLogs v0.19

22 Nov 2015

Because of the rain and bad weather wedding will take place in a bubble hall

Украинский модпак от сообщества украинских кланов UA-T для WOT 0.9.12

Сборка модификаций для 0.9.12 для повышения FPS

Супер информативные прицелы от Deegie для World of Tanks 0.9.12

Контрастный прицел от BadBoy78 для WOT 0.9.12

WOT: Operation Safari Kazna vs RSOP Mallinovka t8 Clan War

9.12. Solo ModPack Update 1