19 Aug 2016

Autoaim by sae for World of tanks WOT Current version: Miscellaneous

* Prolonged trial for the patch World of tanks WOT
* All versions are temporarily disabled for EU / NA regions.
Innovative avtopritsel by sae for World of tanks able to do a very important thing for any player. The sight is easy to cope with the capture of targets behind obstacles. Excellent shooting for preemption, thus calculates the trajectory of enemy movements, depending on the distance, automatically switching the shooting mode for melee or ranged.
The most sweet become an alternative mode - selection of a particular point of aim. It is activated by pressing ALT + RMB. That is, you can select a particular point on the tank armor (turret, caterpillars feed) and avtopritsel always be reduced to this place. But while the first mode is switched off. It works proactively or sight, or selection of a particular point. Do not forget about it.

If you have a problem with pereprygivaniem avtopritsel other tanks when you try to turn it off, do not forget the standard button "E" removal avtopritsel .

Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.
All settings are the default crosshair. Can be customized using Notepad ++ file
It is possible to change many parameters. So, if you do not like the sight, do not rush to remove it, and try to experiment with the settings.

Starting with version 19.9 is available for setting the sight of the hangar.