11 Aug 2016

Fire extinguisher, automatic repair crew and car repair modules for World of tanks WOT

* Tested for mikropatcha World of tanks
Another cheat mod that we have found the vast resources devoted to World of tanks. This version allows you to configure the automatic treatment of the injured crew members, or make an automatic repair of the damaged module.
The mod can be customized to the individual needs of each player. To do this, open the file repair_extended.json located at
World_of_tanks \ configs \ repair_extended
and set the desired values.
Important! Open the configuration file, you can only program Notepad ++

Edit auto repair can be for these modules as the engine, combat pack, gun, tracks, etc. Setting the avtolecheniya available for the gunner, driver, loader, etc. That is, if you believe that there is no need to spend Kit to restore tracks or gun, you will need to install the appropriate line. Setting is available for each type of tank.

Customize option from the file can be Codedemen
World_of_tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.x \ scripts \ client \ gui \ mods \ cd_configs \ mod_cd_repair.xml