11 Aug 2016

Tri-color line available from lportii goal for World of tanks WOT (+ version of ZorroJan)

* Tested for the patch World of tanks WOT

* Added an option from ZorroJan limited work before 08.21.2016
Fixed a conflict with the disappearance of the tracer.

Do not be mistaken if I say that many of the players World of tanks during the battle at a disadvantage from the fact that we have to continually turn the camera after the glare of another enemy somewhere in the side or rear of his tank.And often the enemy is in a situation where it is impossible to damage. Prevents or any stone or terrain map, or something else.
Tri-color line available from goal lportii for WOT shows the distance to the enemy arrows, but the main feature is that the color of the arrows of the enemy depends on the availability and extent of the hazards to your tank. If you see a green arrow, then the enemy is far away and safe for yourself. If the arrow is displayed in red color, the enemy war machine is close to you, but you can not shoot it as it is hidden behind a barrier. Well, the most useful color - is purple , the enemy is in a position which represents a real threat to him. It is lumbago and you will be able to inflict damage.
Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.