22 Aug 2016

Animated glare light to perk sixth sense for World of tanks WOT (3 variants) Author: tricsi Kapany3uk + + ShadowHunterRUS

Most of the participants in the game "World of Tanks" familiar skill, "Sixth Sense". When during the fight "tank man" with his technique misses "in lighted" lamp lights, notifies that the enemy sees the player and now can fly sonorous "bebeshki" tank or a heavy "suitcase" and the "arts". Over time, the standard icon starts to bother, it ceases to be informative. I want something new. To help may come events animated lamp 6 feelings for the WOT .

On closer inspection it turns out that as part of the modification are several versions. Each of them is an animated picture. One is a timer that is triggered when berating bulb 10 seconds. So much time is required to ensure that the abyss of "light". Another is in the form of the radar, which also displayed the time before the time when the player leaves the electronics field visibility of the enemy.

A more detailed understanding of all the options you can get after you can view screenshots in the archive.
To work correctly, c XVM must configure the display of the original light bulb - to turn off the path to the custom icon: battle.xc file - option "sixthSenseIcon" - set to "".