11 Aug 2016

Trainer tundra 3 in 1 (with leaves and vegetation) for World of tanks (different versions) Author: DrWebber + Bosomi + Kennel Rzhevskij

* Checked for mikropatcha World of tanks
* Anti-false triggered on Cheat Engine software components in which the trainer was created.
Trainer well-known cheat fashion Tundra for World of tanks, the cleaning leaves and vegetation. If someone does not know what it is, then read more about the tundra here.
These Trainer implements three modes. In trunk mode displays only the stem of the tree cover of locations in full mode - from the battlefield disappears completely all the vegetation, aim mode - the best, it clears vegetation only in sniper mode.

Installation: unzip application to run World of tanks, run trainer, bend.
Runs the game - Run Trainer - Hit the right buttons to turn off the vegetation.
All done in the exact sequence!

Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.