4 Aug 2016

Fashion from Amway921 - modpak Amway under WOT World of Tanks

changes Release - Update # 4 from 04.08.2016.
· «XVM»: version 6.4.0-release;
· «WGStream»: version 2.7.2.
Modpack the famous player in the world Amway921 tanks. Easy to use, small size, in the modpaka includes only the most essential fashion short list below.
Multicolored posts after a fight;
Indication of the direction of the attack;
Indication of the remaining shells in ammunition;
Removed lettering, logos, camouflage tanks;
Removed the black edges of the screen in the sniper mode;
Bulb sixth sense working longer;
Increase FPS for slower computers;
Excellent sights to choose from;
Extended-session statistics;
Removed the effect of jerking the tank after the projectile hit;
Convenient damage the panel to choose from;
Beep after tripping perk sixth sense;
White tanks corpses;
Various modifications to zoom sniper scope;
Commander's camera;
Guard shot in corpses and allies;
XVM - improved display of the amount of damage done, capture base;