11 Dec 2015

Auto focus targets hover

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The official forum of the game can sometimes be found to make such a request of the events that it will put the focus on the target, which currently hovers sight. It is a rational idea: a good focus to World of Tanks 0.9.12 can often decide the outcome of the battle, even if your team has remained in the minority. A default command "Support Fire" assigned to the English press T (try to quickly find it on the keyboard during a firefight with the enemy), and the battle menu to open long. 
Valid modes is simple: you move the sight on goal, but it automatically sends a message Chat "Support Fire" and adds a marker of focus objective marker over the enemy. Perhaps the allies will support you and you will quickly destroy the enemy.

1) The mod will automatically send a message when you hover on the target, this mode is turned on and off using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V 
2) message is sent to a hot key blank (the default), the key can be configured in the config file, if, for example, the space bar at the You assigned a fire extinguisher. 
The very configuration is located at

World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0. 9. X \ scripts \ client \ mods \ FocusCommands.json.