16 Dec 2015

WoT - The Tundra v2.7 [0.9.13] [For_masyanya_PacK._v._W.oT - 0.9.13]

                                                                     DOWNLOAD LINK

How to use: 
1) Start the game 
2) Run the program 


Full Tundra - removes all the objects: trees, leaves, shrubs 
Tundra for sniper - activates the "Full Tundra" when you're a sniper 
World without leaves - it removes only the leaves of the trees 
World without trunks - removes only the tree trunks 
world without branches - removes only the branches of trees 
World without bushes - removes only the bushes 
Disable the sky - the sky is black 
Remove wind - removes the wind 
Multi-Window - allows you to run several games 
program for Russian or English, depending on the OS 
Setting the "hot keys"