23 Dec 2015

World Of Warships Aim Assist v0.5.2 By Johans

                                                                 DOWNLOAD LINK

Micro update 23/12/15 12:00 CEST 
Fixed shell parameters for Gnevny, Ognevoi, Kiev, Tashkent, Udaloi.

Update 23/12/15
Fixed BB spoter planes. ("fixed" is  big word. Before you shoot have closer look at direction of ship movement  as marker may be drawn with not correct angle.)
Some DD ships config may be wrong. Tashkent Nicholas etc. I have to wait until I get training room mod to fix it.

Hitlog i will prepare after christmas. I had no possibility to test it yet. If You have to have it now. Install hitlog then aimassist and edit battle_elements.xml.
There is 2 lines to copy from hitlog mod file to aimassist mod file.
element name="pingometer" class="...
controller class="lesta.dialogs.battle_window_controllers.FlyOffMessageController"...

Marry Christmas. Wesołych świąt!

PS. Please do not post screenshots with aim mod active on official game forum ;)


Unzip to your_game_directory/res_mods/0.5.2
Strat/restart your game.
In game graphic settings set aspect ratio to 16:9
Alternative view is not necessary. If you mark it you wont need to press Alt key at begin of battle.
Tenryu, Kuma and Colorado. These ships may show marker at wrong position with certain hull upgrades. I know that and fix it one day(or not).

Config instructions:

Use proper text editor while changing aim.xml file. I recomend Notepad++. Make file backup before you start. Error handling is not implemented, so double check what you changed.
Config file is loaded at the begin of every battle. You dont have to restart your game client to load changed aim.xml file.

Marker is too low at all ships?

In graphic settings set aspect ratio to 16:9
To use 4:3 aspect ratio change in config:
For other proportions you have to find these values by trial and error.
First change <zoom> to move marker at proper height, then change <distancescale> to set correct marker length. By increasing zoom value marker moves up.  By increasing distancescale value marker becomes longer.