24 Dec 2015

[0.9.13] Auto repair, automatic fire extinguishing by Makct

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1. The mod enables automatic repair (caterpillars combat pack, gun, engine) and
automatic treatment of the crew (loader, gunner, driver, commander). Selected modules and crew
will be restored in the first of their critical condition, the presence in the repair kit and first aid kit
one of the slots. Caterpillars are repaired only when shot down.
Enable / disable the repair is carried out in combat by using combinations of keys:
CTRL + 1 - the engine
CTRL + 2 - boeukladki
CTRL + 3 - an instrument
CTRL + 4 - tracks
CTRL + 5 - gunner
CTRL + 6 - a driver
CTRL + 7 - Charge
CTRL + 8 - commander
Above the panel shells when you press, you are notified that the on / off.
Priority repair modules: caterpillar combat pack, gun the engine.
Priority treatment of crew: loader, driver.
There is also a possibility to choose the repair and treatment of the crew module default (when you run the client they will be included)
in the configuration file. By default, all disabled.
To run the res_mods \ 0.9.13 \ scripts \ client \ mods is a configuration file AutoRepair.xml.
1 - enabled 0 - off.
1a. The parameter KeyForRepairTracks allows you to adjust the manual repair tracks. By default - "space."
2. The mod includes an automatic fire extinguishing fire extinguisher if any one of the slots.