17 Dec 2015

One client for play on any servers WOT (cn, eu, kr, ru, sea, us) [0.9.13

                                                                        DOWNLOAD LINK

Updated 12/16/2015:

Adapted for RU, EU and NA;
the others will appear as only those clusters will update 0.9.13;

As you all know the holidays comes a lot of bonus from HS to gourmet servers. And everyone wants to try them out, but to download a client just because it does not like. We want to introduce you a simple solution to the problem as an additional mode - one client for all servers WOT (overseas).

After downloading it, you will be able to choose which server to adapt your customer. To adapt all existing available overseas server such as: cn, eu, kr, ru, sea, us. The procedure for switching the client from one server to another is very simple and it will be described below in the section Installation.

Important! All mod packs, or set fashion will work on all the servers and the entire interface will be Russian in addition to in-game chat.

We need to create a new account on the server on which you are going to play !!! Old will not work!


The game must be turned off before installing!

Copy the contents of the folder with the initials of the region of interest in the WOT / res_mods / 0.9.13 /.

To go back to the Russian server, simply delete the folder contents WOT / res_mods / 0.9.13 / or copy the contents of a folder ru for the installation path that is specified above.

Also in the archive have the option to change the automatic localization of the customer with labels. Read more in the readme.txt file in the "Automatic change".