26 Dec 2015

[0.9.13] [ZJ] Marker Re-Load build 075 Demo - recharging of ZorroJan

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Unique fashion predstavlyuschy a token charge of the machinery. 
Laid ability to display charge as enemy and allied tanks. 
It is not an analog fashion LPORTII - it's a completely different fashion. 
The mod enables to estimate the time reloading techniques and make better tactical decisions. The advantage of a fashion precision, accounting drummers and other nuances of the game associated with recharging guns. 
The mod is not a panacea and can really only take into account the standard recharge weapons technology + is set whether rammer and a fan, it can determine whether the commander charged. It can not be taken into account in the calculation of the actual pumping of the tank crew (crew considered the 100% default - including the commander), he can not see, such as the bonuses dop.paёk and martial fraternity. Consider whether it is possible to customize the configuration file. Plus fashion watches and corrects overcharging depending on the actual firing in battle, ie CD tools allows for error tank, if the time of *** anija exceeded the time between shots (read it - artificial intelligence) Current version [ZJ] Marker Re-Load v0.9.13 build 075 Demo version is still in beta testing, so do not hesitate, evading the jamb, etc.

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