26 Dec 2015

WoT Replay Analyzer Full Rus 0.9.13 - powerful tool for working with replays


Dear tankers, we want to introduce you to the program WoT Replay Analyzer Full Rus 0.9.13, which is currently the most powerful tool for working with replays. It is far superior in functionality to all known program Wot Replays Manager.

With it you can easily import and view all your replays with a single click of the mouse. Additionally, the program includes a handy viewer results of combat, like a standard game, as well as the whole battle detailed statistics, identical games, displaying all earned medals. Thus the program will allow you to view all your battles, the outcome and the statistics very quickly and most efficiently.  


First installation: (Please note that it is desirable to perform in that order)

Download and install (if not available on the system) Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or higher.
Unpack the archive in a convenient place and run the file WoT Replay Analyzer.exe.
Go into the settings and set the path to the folder with replays.