21 Dec 2015

9.13 Maximizing visibility | Removal of mist on all cards

                                                                  DOWNLOAD LINK

AtotIK this time for a more comfortable use, you are given not only to the removal of the fog, but also the tweaker from the author, and it's all in one file, choose what you need, and go into battle;) MaxFarplane - This mod increases " visibility of the landscape, "vegetation removes fog. 

Installation: Unzip the archive into the game folder. In the game settings to maximum draw distance (Menu -> Settings -> Graphics -> Advanced -> Range rendering -> The maximum). 

How it works: The modification disables the change rendering textures on all cards, increasing visibility by means of removing the fog and optimization LOD'ov textures and normals. As a result, the load on the card to go a little longer, but the result is an increase in expectations of visibility, increase in FPS and "treatment" subsidence FPS with the transition to sniper mode.