11 Dec 2015

9.12 PFMods V.2.2.5 BlackWoT Edition By Polar Fox

                                                                     DOWNLOAD LINK

1. To change language change ru to en in configs/PFMods.json
2. To edit translation phrases open PFMods/resources/l10n/en.pfl with any editor which support UTF-8 (without BOM) encoding (ex. Notepad++)

Also, you can translate it to any language what you want.

To see changes in phrases - you need to delete configs/settings.db (this reset all options to default values)

PFMods V.2.2.4:

DESTRUCTION - destroyed objects on the minimap
EXTINGUISHER - scripted fire extinguisher
LASERS - lasers
MTURRETS - gun direction on the minimap
OUTSIGHT - 3D sphere
SHADOW - shadow mod
TUNDRA - Tundra script
RELOADING 2.0 - OTM Reload
BLINDSHOTS - something was hit mod