22 Dec 2015

[0.9.13] sela’s mods v9.13.2

The main collection includes the following mods:

XVM 6.2.0
Locastan’s HD Minimaps (Maps Only)
SeaFalcon’s Damage Panel + XVM Hitlog (updated by sela)
Locastan’s Session Stats & Colored Messages
Chat History
J1mB0’s Contour Icons (v1)
Locastan’s Team HP Pools
Locastan’s Allied Tank Outlines
PMOD v14/2
Direction Box
sela’s configs

In an alternative collection you will find the following modifications:

MeltyMap’s MathMod (Blue / Green)
Deegie’s Sights (Blue / Green)
J1mB0’s Crosshair
Battle Assistant
sela-aim (AutoAim+ and AutoAim Extended)
Single or Double Row Carousel
Default Zoom and NoScroll configs
Alternate Serverside Crosshairs
Artasan’s White Death