6 Dec 2015

Сборка модов от Slayer_The_God



Developers modification for the game "World of Tanks" from Slayer_The_God for Wot 0.9.12 again greet all his fans and casual gamers, enthusiasts ride another striker. This time they will please all gamers build a new version of mods that not only includes a lot of useful things, but everyone will appreciate the new, more attractive and user-friendly interface. Let's talk in more detail about all the useful things and buns of the assembly and analyze each of them:

Modifications to fight to improve:
and specially designed to maximize the panel battlefield, as well as the panel and of the damage caused;
more informative and easy to damage the tank panel player during the fight;
visually enhanced and modified icon equipment, types of shells and tank equipment gamer;
beautiful and stylish lights traverse angles for artillery and Fri-shek;
Innovative LED ram that carries information about each tank and then visually indicates whether the tank to ram or is it not worth it, because it is much superior to you, by weight;
visually redesigned and optimized LED display direction of the attack, which was added to the timer showing the overcharging of the enemy;
a huge selection of sights, including himself as a visual variety and a variety of types: arcade, artillery, sniper and server;
panel display units across the technology strength of each team, to be able to navigate one of the teams at the moment advantage;
"Commander's chamber", allowing to postpone the tank so that you can look for the building and see where he looks a player;
improved sniper scope display mode, in which not only removed darkening effect but also realized the possibility of increasing the thirty times;
different voice options that allow to replace the standard. This gives everyone the opportunity to improve not only the graphical part of the game, but the sound;
the ability to include a free camera while watching replays, and much, much more.
Fashion, improving and modifying the hangar:
the opportunity to see any tank in the hangar even if he was not pumped and purchased the player. This is a great opportunity to learn not only the characteristics of any machine, but also to consider it from all sides;
events, allowing to automate the installation of equipment and supplies. This possibility would make the process of entering into the fight faster and more comfortable;
a large selection of different design options hangar that allows you to customize the game and make the design of the individual;
the ability to replace the standard carousel tanks in a convenient, one that will help search of a tank quickly;
Intersessional added statistics, and statistics of each bout, allowing a more accurate assessment of the results of their game for a certain period of time.