15 Dec 2015

Mod: Cog - Quick repair and treatment of the crew [0.9.13]

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Maud Cog implements the following functionality:

treatment / repair taking into account the priorities you have configured
create rules for each type of equipment separately
a unique key is to repair, treatment, fire fighting -  Space  (key can be changed)
Car horns installation, grid box (set once for each desired modules without removing them, he would remove them)
Quick Repair knocked caterpillars -  Left_Alt (Left ALT), only works when the caterpillar is brought down (in the settings can be reassigned)
Setting mode:

If you are not satisfied with such a priority, you can manually change it to your desired. For this:

Open the configuration file  repair_extended.xml   (preferably with NotePad ++), which can be found here:  World_of_Tanks / res_mods / configs / spoter_mods / repair_extended /.
Edit it by creating their priorities (for each item settings have clear comments, read carefully and be sure you get the right set up modes).
Save your changes and restart the game.  

Copy the res_mods in the game folder. (WOT)