6 Dec 2015

[0.9.12] Мега сборка популярных озвучек V3 (22.11.2015)

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Sounds of gunfire and shells from Kriegstreiber, goodman 12 and Slava7572
WWIIHWA REAL SOUNDS The sounds of shots and Budyx69 Kriegstreiber
WWIIHWA REAL SOUNDS The sounds of engines and Budyx69 Kriegstreiber
Sounds of shots from the test 0.9.1 / 0.9.4
GnomeFathers Engines: The sounds of engines.
GnomeFathers Gun Sounds: The sounds of gunfire.
Genre: Alternative voice
Author ozvuchek: Andre_V and K °
Author installer: Dark_Knight_MiX (Ekspoint)
By popular demand esteemed tank was created by the sound package.
This mod will be constantly replenished with new voice.
We are waiting for proposals on the addition of new fashion voice.
-Sostav Assemblage-
Voice of the crew:
Postproduction of radio or Know ours. (Author: oxtrot13 + ProDef).
Postproduction Modern War Sound Mod. (Author: Quadro7F).
Postproduction Kingpin Life of Crime (18+). (Author: KazaMka).
Postproduction WOTKino. (Author: maxilam).
Postproduction Ukrainian. (Author: Єvgen_Maluha, Upgrade: Andre_V)
Postproduction crew Postal 3. (Author: Andre_V)
Postproduction Screaming commander. (Author: Sasha_BANG)
Postproduction crew Battlefield 4. (Author: Gvozd_T90)
Postproduction Crew Team Fortress 2: (version Andre_V).
Postproduction Kitchen crew.
Postproduction crew Crysis.
Postproduction crew Metro Last Light.
Postproduction crew Orks.
Postproduction crew S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Postproduction crew STALKER (Bandits).
Postproduction crew Transformers.
Postproduction crew Worms Mix.
Postproduction crew Fellowship.
Postproduction crew Goblin (mpaaak and Andre_V)
Postproduction crew D.M.B.
Voice of the crew of the test 0.8.6.
Interns voice of the crew.
Postproduction crew The New Adventures of Shurik and K °.
Postproduction crew Fizruk.
Postproduction crew Sherlock Holmes.
Postproduction crew Duke Nukem Forever.
Postproduction crew Katyusha. (Strategic Music.Apgreyd: Andre_V)
Postproduction crew Nasha Rasha. (RDM1978 Upgrade: Andre_V)
Postproduction crew Marauder. (ProstoyNik Upgrade: Andre_V)
Postproduction Live Crew crew. (Author: chesss Upgrade: Andre_V)
Postproduction crew Zombie Escort. (Left4Dead + Killing Floor)
Postproduction crew Asya_Empress.
Postproduction crew Call of Duty. (Author: Speceffekt)
Postproduction crew Far-Cry-3 (18). (Author: Zelya)
Postproduction crew Jove. (Authors: Jove and Andre_V)
Postproduction crew Junkie Pavlik. (Author: Glicol)
Postproduction crew Postal 2 (18). (Author: GRYZZLY)
Postproduction crew Dungeon. (Author: Timko350)
Postproduction crew Serious Sam.
Postproduction crew Soviet cartoons.
Postproduction Crew Team Fortress 2. (Author: Abirato)
Postproduction crew D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers.
Postproduction crew Shtyrlits.
Postproduction Crew Arnold Schwarzenegger (Author: Remmke).
Postproduction crew Fury (Fury).
Postproduction crew Company of Heroes.
Postproduction crew Sniper Ghost Warrior II.
Postproduction crew Despicable Me (Author: Mick42).
Postproduction crew Anime (Author: TacticaL_Mech_Tank).
Anime voice of the crew (Dota2)
Postproduction crew DOTA2.
Postproduction crew Space_Marine.
Postproduction crew Tom Clancy's EndWar.
Postproduction crew Gopnik (Author: RDM1978).
Postproduction crew Company of Heroes.
Postproduction crew Warhammer 40.000 Imperial Guard.
Postproduction crew Warhammer 40.000.Chaos.
Postproduction crew Red Orchestra 2.
Postproduction crew ball. (Author: WG).
Postproduction crew Gopnik (Author: RDM1978).
Voice of the crew of wrestlers Give youth. (Author: RDM1978).
Postproduction crew Kung Fu Panda (Author: _I_T_I_).
Postproduction crew Adventures Petka and Vasily Ivanovich.
Postproduction crew Warcraft III (Author: abirato).
Postproduction crew Courage Bamba.
Postproduction crew Three Heroes.
Postproduction crew Masha and the Bear.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense:
Ukrainian. (Author: Єvgen_Maluha, Upgrade: Andre_V).
Cell Glukhareva. (Author: Andre_V).
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Crysis.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Metro Last Light.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Orks.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense STALKER
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Transformers.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Worms Mix.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Dzynk + Timer 10 seconds.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Goblin.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense you are lit up.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Aska.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense interns.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense The New Adventures of Shurik and K °.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Marauder.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Asya_Empress.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense predators.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Jove.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense the Eye of Sauron.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Duke Nukem Forever.
Postproduction bulbs Fizruk sixth sense.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Sherlock Holmes.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Katyusha.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense 12 chairs.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Warcraft.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Lived - was a dog.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense is not expected.
Postproduction bulbs sixth sense Nasha Rasha
Music in the hangar:
Music in the hangar - Epic music
Music in the hangar - t Rammstein.
Music in the hangar - gr.Ariya.
Music in the hangar - gr.Kino.
Music in the hangar - gr.The Offspring
Music in the hangar - A.Matov.
Sound Alert + frags in the battle:
Audible alarm end of the battle and kills Unreal Tournament (+ First Blood)
Sound alerts in combat + frags in Russian from Polyacov_Yury.
Sound alerts in combat + frags from locastan.
The sound of the end of the gun charge:
Voice notification. (Author: Єvgen_Maluha).
Recharge with a signal (UP)
Ready + mechanism.
There is.
Ready to fire.
Mechanism (version 4).
The gun is loaded.
Signal + mechanism recharge.
Alternative sounds of engines:
WWIIHWA REAL SOUNDS The sounds of engines and Kriegstreiber Budyx69.
Thundering cannon sounds of engines from ed76na.
The sounds of engines Aerial_Gunner N_E_L_U_M_B_O.
Alternative sounds of shots:
Sounds of shots from the test 0.9.1 from WG and BlaBlabalda.
Sounds of shots from the test 0.9.4 from WG and BlaBlabalda.
WWIIHWA REAL SOUNDS The sounds of shots and Kriegstreiber Budyx69.
Thundering sound of a shot from guns ed76na.
Sounds of gunfire and shells from Kriegstreiber, goodman12 and Slava7572.
Run the installer, select the voice (you can listen)