24 May 2016

Zeus002 modpak for WOT 9.15

Modpak with a huge selection of useful features and mods inside. This modpak has a smart installer that allows you to select any events, as well as to disable visual effects. This manipulation allowed to retain FPS players with slower computers.
Mods included in the assembly:
  • 6 sights: Murazor, Damoklav Sword, Taipan, Dellux, Amway921
  • Maud White Tanks corpses. Maud, without which no cost, no decent build.
  • Maud White Caterpillars Knocked Tanks
  • Carousel with labels
  • HP teams
  • mist Removal
  • Golden Pictures premiumnyh tanks
  • Tankoopyt
  • Rating position on the minimap
  • Author's sight. sight Zeus002
Installation is simple and convenient. Download the modpak and run the installation. Next, specify the client's location and select the necessary modifications. Good luck and great victories on the battlefield!