23 May 2016

SpeedTree - remove vegetation (grass, trees, bushes) for World of tanks 0.9.15 WOT

* Tested for the patch World of tanks 0.9.15 WOT
SpeedTree - mod for World of tanks 0.9.15, removing all vegetation (grass, trees, foliage) to gaming locations WOT. This modification was the ancestor of more modern design similar orientation - Tundra . Unlike Tundra mode, Spedtree has a large positive effect. It is ideal for players on slower computers, because it can significantly raise the level of frames per second (FPS).

In the archive we have added three variants of modifications : the first - removes all the vegetation, the second - compresses the leaves 50%, and the third - leaving only 25% of the initial index number of "green stuff" on the map.

Try all three versions on your system and select the optimal solution for your playing style. If you are not a supporter sit in ambush and fire intermittently from the bushes, you can put an option without grass. In that case, if the game is on the PT is outside the scope of your interests, then install version 50%. The third option is the golden mean between the two above-mentioned types of configuration.

Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.