25 May 2016

Work olenemer (XVM mod) - the latest version of olenemetra for WOT 0.9.15 World of Tanks

* Updated to the client World of tanks 0.9.15 WOT
In this fashion many names: olenemetr, fashion xvm, olenemer by Jovi or protanki, but they all share one thing. This is a great modification to determine the effectiveness of their allies and enemies directly in combat. These data are essential to every player of tanks in the world. There are situations when you can not immediately decide to shoot someone or a player to put the focus. But looking at the data to make it easier xvm choice. It is necessary to destroy the strongest opponent, and newcomers or weaker players will take a lot less hassle. Due to this modification, you will see the most necessary figures player statistics: the number of fights, winning percentage, efficiency and so on.
The best version of olememera swing immediately after the pictures.