28 May 2016

Minimalistic modpak D Mod cheat and allowed modifications for World of tanks 0.9.15 WOT ver. 7.2 (Lite)

Conducted audits, removed / replaced / updated all unstable and suspicious on unstable.
On our site we try to give the player the opportunity to choose exactly the modpak, which is suitable for its requirements. Therefore, section cheat modpakov constantly expanding. Today we offer the assembly Minimalistic modpak allowed and cheat modifications for World of tanks 0.9.15 WOT by Draug . It consists of the most essential fashion for WOT.

A list of some of them:

1.Bronya (Reflection of armor).
2.Mod rear (Spoter).
3.Komandirskaya camera.
4.Adyutant (information lbz in battle).
5.Indikator direction of fire (dikey93).
6.Ugly traverse (for PT).
7.Spetsialny zoom for arts - Battle Assistant (reven86).
8.Statistika per session (SeVeRRR).
9.Watches are in the hangar.
10.Tsvetnye decals penetrations (vlad_cs_sr).
11.Uvelichennoe time glare bulbs.
12.Taymer information tools in the battle (Ekspoint).
1.Minimalistichny sight D.
2.Istorichesky sight.
3.Pritsel from zayaz.

Counter the damage:
1.Minimalistichny log.
2. Detailed log.

Panels damage with the log of the damage:
1.Damage Panel on Dellux.
2.Damage Panel XBOX.
3.Damage Panel Zayaz.

1.Razrushennye objects on the mini map (doc77).
3.Avtolechenie, repairs and fire extinguisher (Makct).
4.Mod shadow (Blackwot).
5.Popadanie without glare - Ball (Makct).
6.Mod red poles with marks (SpongeDoc).
7.Perezaryadka enemies (Wotspeak).

Harvesting Vegetation:
1.Tundra (Wotspeak).
2.Tundra + Black sky (Makct).

Avtopritsel / AimBot:
1.Avtopritsel (simple) with the capture of the target obstacle.

Red balloons on the ground shot Arty:
1.Shar with stroke (Wotspeak).
2.Shar stamped on the minimap + tracer.

More cheats / fashion (for an amateur):
1.Stvol chaos.
2.Belye downed caterpillars.
4.Udalenie fog.

Keys in the battle: 
Tundra - (default in sniper mode, complete Tundra F2)
Black Heaven - (in a fight right Alt + F11)
Special zoom for arts Battle Assistant - (The battle in the Shift mode, press J)

Some of the mods in the assembly refers to prohibited. You use them at your own risk.