28 May 2016

Compressed at 50% penetration on the skin area for weak computers WOT 0.9.15 World of Tanks Author: Tankagroh

* Tested for the patch World of tanks 0.9.15 WOT
Zone penetration of Tankagroh help you to more effectively act on the battle fields of tanks. After all, knowing the vulnerabilities of enemy machine, you can increase the coefficient of correlation between the number of shots / number of penetrations, which undoubtedly will affect the average DPS, as a specific technique, and the account as a whole. Now let's see what colors skins for that answer. Thus, the tank is painted in four colors. Blue is responsible for the fuel tank of the tank, green - for engine, lilac - for boeukladku, and red - for the remaining weaknesses in the scheme of the car reservation.