26 May 2016

Modpak Gleborg for World of tanks 0.9.15 WOT Current version: v.0.1

* Updated to the client World of tanks 0.9.15 WOT
Modpak for World Of Tanks 0.9.15 from Gleborg - it is lethal cocktail for the enemy and a bunch of different buns for players to install it. So, what is "on board"?

"Zoom" . The benefits of such a modification, probably everyone knows. With increased magnification can count the rivets on the armor of the enemy. And if you use "peteshku" with a precise instrument (German Jagdpanther and JagdTiger or heavy British AT-15 and "cake"), the "crit" mehvoda, radio operator or commander of an enemy tank - simple.

The panel received damage. In addition to the damage done by the player, in the lower left corner, next to the icon of the art, there is information, who shot and how much damage inflicted. At first glance, unnecessary information, is simply necessary when the "tank man" begins to perform LBZ.

"Smart" mini-card. In addition to its type, appears the name of art. What it can give in battle? "COG" "tyazhu" strife.Knowing that somewhere nearby hiding "cardboard Frenchman" - is one thing. And to see that quite a number are preparing to go to the head-KV-4 - is quite another.
A nice addition to modpaka became a commander or a free camera. With it you can see a lot. For example, to change the inclination of the point and see where the enemy hid behind the corner of the building. View, which aims his gun. If he is waiting for you on the other hand, you can safely jump out and send him "bebeshku" in the weak spot.

In general, modpak was very minimalistic, but has all the fashion for a successful game.