31 May 2016

Cheats for World of Tanks 0.9.15 - VSMods 1.1

VSMods1.1 - it is a completely new modpak. Here are collected the most useful modifications banned the game, so fans of cheating explicitly approve the Pack mods.
Modpak VSMods1.1 is divided into two versions, normal and advanced. The second is issued immediately after updating the game and has fewer mods advanced modpak has the strongest cheats, like the sight of Vanga and other Ayma.
Worthy of cheats is a card that gives information about the broken objects. Calculate the enemy so much simpler, and therefore easier to think about tactics.
World of Tanks has no protection from cheating the system, so I just do not send replays to Wotreplays and other sites, as well as keep screenshots with you or hide nickname.