30 May 2016

Building modifications of legal and prohibited from Djonny for World of tanks 0.9.15 WOT

Excellent Citerna modpak legal and prohibited from Djonny mods for tanks 0.9.15 of World the WOT .Modpak is equipped with a convenient installer. You can choose only those fashion that you need.

The following represent a summary of the components of modpaka :
* Displays the destruction of the object on the minimap.
* Laser pointer.
* Remove the leaves. (The F2 key) (partially or completely)
* Reload timer.
* Recharge timer artillery.
* Hit without glare.
* The shadow of the missing tank.
* Black sky, the sun off.
* Avtolechenie crew.
* Game Statistics
* On-line statistics clan.
* White corpses tanks.
* Downed tracks white.
* LBZ status in the game.
* Colored tanks icons.
* Command bar bill.
* Ranking status in the battle.
* Color markers of hits
* Message History.
* Panels damage.
* Natankovanny armor damage.
* The angles of horizontal novodki.
* I lit
* Disable flood dynamic platoons.
and much more.

Some modes of assembly are prohibited. You use them at your own risk.

Password to access the cheats 00000.