23 Mar 2016

Advanced Zoom Mode - zoom, com. camera, zoom indicator, serv. sight World of tanks 0.9.14 WOT Author: koshnaranek

Great events for all players who love the most convenient mode to optimize Zuma for themselves. 
The structure of the extended zoom mode to World of tanks 0.9.14 from Koshnaranek includes several modifications:

Commander's camera - enlarged estrangement camera up, which will help you better understand the alignment of forces in the field. It is useful for recording a beautiful video of your favorite game.

ZoomX - a classic zoom for sniper mode of fire. You can adjust the zoom ratio, the amount of the multiplicity of switching steps, display the current zoom indicator.

NoScroll - prohibition regime change between arcade and sniper mouse wheel. (disabled by default).

ZoomMod - commander camera, which allows you to zoom out the camera up and watch the fight from a great height.

ServerCross2 - Server scope, which will allow you to avoid inaccurate shots because of the differences of the sight of the client data with the server data.
For modifying configuration files to meet ZoomX.xml, ZoomIndicator.xml, ServerCross2.xml, NoScroll.xml , which are located in the folder the GUI .