18 Mar 2016

PFMods - charge indication, the devastation on the minimap, lasers and more for World of tanks 0.9.14 (13 mods) Author: the Polar Fox

- Fixed sound notifications
- Fixed a rare bug font generator and textures
- Many minor fixes
The efficiency of the modification is limited to 21 days for each account after the first run.

The structure modpaka PFMods for World of tanks 0.9.14 includes fashion by Polar Fox. At this stage - they are two cheat modification.
Maud display charge over the tank will show you the time it takes for the enemy to charge his weapon. Indicator starts counting immediately after the shot tank and gradually decreases during the charging barrel. The peculiarity of the implementation of this mode is the ability to customize the font, color, size and location of the position marker for opponents and for the Allies.

Maud destruction on the minimap puts in place the destruction of the object bright white dot on the minimap, which disappears after ten seconds. Change the decay time can be in the configuration file.

The current list of modules:
DESTRUCTION - destruction on the minimap
LASERS - Lasers
MTURRETS - guns directions on the minimap
OUTSIGHT - spheres is drawing
SHADOW - shadow
TUNDRA - removal of vegetation
RELOADING - recharging
HEALTHCARE - repair, automatic fire extinguisher
BLINDSHOTS - hitting the technique is not illuminated
BREAKABLE - removal sweep objects (with a decrease in FPS you must completely disable shadows in the game settings). The default module is disabled. Activation in the center settings.
WATCHFUL - opponents indication
REDBALL - red balls for arts
XRAYS - stroke technique for obstacle (X-ray)
Any module can be removed from res_mods \ PFMods \ packages (except pkg_core).

Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.