6 Feb 2016

9.13 PFMods V.3.6.0 By Polar Fox

NEW! - pkg_redball: RedVall for arty (for now without any config's)
- pkg_blindshots: fixed
- pkg_breakable: fixed map Kharkov 
- pkg_breakable: reworked filtration
- pkg_breakable: reworked cashing
- pkg_reloading: fixed spam messages on map's with artillery barrages
- pkg_reloading: fixed problems with disabling arty panel
- pkg_reloading: fixed bug with no ammo if missing font Arial Narrow
- pkg_reloading: fixed bug with OTM reload over dead tanks
- pkg_watchful: fixed bug to restart game after settings are changed
- pkg_watchful: minor fixes

PFMods V.3.6.0

DESTRUCTION - destroyed objects on the minimap
EXTINGUISHER - scripted fire extinguisher
LASERS - lasers
MTURRETS - gun direction on the minimap
OUTSIGHT - 3D sphere
SHADOW - shadow mod
TUNDRA - Tundra script
RELOADING 2.0 - OTM Reload
BLINDSHOTS - something was hit mod