20 Mar 2016

9.14 [ZJ] AimBot - Shaytan AimBOT Build 071 TRIAL By ZorroJan Active until 01.04.2016.

released Trial before 01.04.2016 


Able to little more than its counterparts. And so ... 1. Shooting for preemption with dynamic auto-tuning, depending on the distance to the target, including and artillery. 2. The ability to capture and hold a sight anywhere in the armor with the preservation anticipation. 3.Capture target behind obstacles, including the point on the armor (x-ray capture). 4. Tracking the target became invisible dynamics. 5.Preemption token without capturing objectives, shows a point for the shot. 6. Vytselivanie vulnerable points of armor on the move, open vytselivanie armor sections (Autobots). 7. Control stock broneprobitiya - disables the Autobots, when there is clearly no need - automatically. 8. Autoshot system with dynamic control information and synchronization tools to pre-empt the point. 9. For the maintenance of the fire control system allows you to save time and ammunition to reload (SCWO) 10. Interoperability with camera review to prevent the failure of information processing at the goal. 11. Multifunctional smart key, to include additional capabilities of the sight (blank by default) 12. Ability to change the aiming points (NLD housing tower) with continuous measuring of availability. 13. Informative panel with information about the conditions and the purpose of information, the objective marker. 14. Advanced armor penetration calculator with the possibility of calculating the probability of penetration in%. 15. Setting fashion through an interactive configuration file.16. Self-adaptation of the client language (RU, EN). Version is still in development stage, so that comments and suggestions are welcome.