19 Mar 2016

Chit-assembly "Not for everyone" from CaKe2000 for World of tanks 0.9.14 WOT Current version: ver. 4

Added version 0.9.14 WOT. Description in the archive.
Your attention chic assembly cheat modifications of CaKe2000 for World of tanks 0.9.14.

The following modes included in the assembly:
1. ------ overcharging on tank set up in the hangar
2. Tundra ------------------------------ Q kl
3. rengent ----------------------------- cells P
4. Lasers ----------------------------- cells numpad 3
5. the shadow on the ground for 10 seconds glare
6. hit without glare -sphere
7. The assistant, sniper, red balls, deer rukapashnom battle - for the arts
8 . release version unique voice !!!!!
9 . icons are replaced, added Czechs
10. Aim of Makct no time limits
11. completely reworked the sound in the game and not the usual interface
12. The assembly is optimized for a maximum FPS

Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.