15 Mar 2016

Modpak by BadBoy - assembly Bedboya mods for World of tanks 0.9.14 WOT VERSION 3

Added to World of tanks 0.9.14
The description may not correspond to the composition of the assembly.
In the hangar when you press F11 opens the statistics window.
Modpak World of tanks 0.9.14 for people who are too lazy to gather all the fashion one. It includes adapted fashion by the current release of the game. A short list of mods from the assembly by BadBoy for World of tanks 0.9.14 WOT:
• recharge timer on the enemy tank
• Automatic fire extinguisher, avtolechenie, auto repair
• Gunnery Sight
• Damaged tracks are marked in white
• Seyvshot - do not shoot at the bodies and teammate
• Beautiful cover damage
• Voice bulbs sixth sense + increased operating time of up to ten seconds
• The maximum zoom mode
• The maximum distance the camera
• Smart minimap
• Tundra - transparent vegetation
• Convenient arcade and sniper scope
• There have been destroying enemy vehicles on the minimap
• Mod X - ray bypass obstacles for tanks
• Removed clouds and fog
• Remove the black during the transition in sniper mode
• Marks hit by tank
• Pointer laser barrels of enemies
• The clock in the hangar
• Multi-colored iron-road platform 
• And other

Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.