22 Mar 2016

Recharge indicator over the enemy tank to WOT 0.9.14 World of Tanks (+ band timer) Author: Lsdmax + Roughnecks

Fixed a bug with replays and dynamic platoons.

When combined with other modes delete the file WOT \ res_mods \ 0.9.14 \ scripts \ client \ CameraNode.pyc.
Very useful cheat mod that alert you to time to recharge completion enemy tank in Tanks 0.9.14 of World .Sometimes, it is difficult to calculate the right time to be able to deceive the opponent to catch him on the charge. Not so easy to follow all the contestant who and when fired. This mod on the opponent overcharging easily solves this problem. Just twist the camera in the direction of the enemy and you will always know when it's time to go around the corner and do damage. Enemy charge indicator will not just help you in the most intense seconds of combat.
Remember that recharge events enemy is on the list of forbidden mods. Do not advertise screenshots and replays on public sites on the Internet.