22 Mar 2016

Maud Tundra - transparent vegetation as exe file and multizapusk for 0.9.14 WOT (+ version with the black sky) Author: Makct

Added option multizapusk Tundra + + black sky

Updated after mikropatcha client World of tanks 0.9.14 WOT
Modification is a well-known fashion Tundra for tanks 0.9.14 of World , which does all the vegetation in a transparent box. Mod is activated when the transition to the sniper shooting mode . The lack of branches, trees and bushes much easier process vytselivaniya vulnerable points of the enemy, who decided to take shelter behind these natural obstacles. This solution differs from its counterpart in that holds a file exe and not installed in all the usual modes directory, and the root of the game. For details on installation are inside the archive into a text document.

Before installation, be sure to make a backup copy of the file WorldOfTanks.exe

A nice bonus to Tunde is a built-in modes Multizapuska mode . You can run multiple games at the same time clients. What is it, each player can guess himself.

Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.