11 Feb 2016

The script for advanced statistics of. site World of tanks 0.9.13 WOT


Elegant additions to advanced statistics monitoring the players directly to the World of tanks official website. After installing the application, you can monitor the following parameters in online mode:
- The dynamics of change in the statistics for the last fights
- Displaying different options efficiency (efficiency rating, W N 6 A, rated Naguib, bronesayt)
- The color of winning percentage varies depending on the value of
- Battle statistics on the global map 
- Many other data.
All functionality is equipped with a comfortable a folding block design.
Of FireFox the Mozilla - first to install a Greasemonkey , then download the archive, which is located below and run it in Mozilla.
Of Opera - download and install the application the Violent monkey , and then install the script from the archive.