16 Feb 2016

Modpak from Psycho - assembly by PSIX mods for World of Tanks 0.9.13 WOT


XVM v6: advanced markers, flying off the damage, modification of base capture and log the damage done;
Set sights with advanced information;
Damage Panel's: different panel damage;
Angles traverse for ACS and PT-ACS;
Superior Indicator direction of attack and the number of shells;
SafeShot: Disable random shooting by the Allies and the ability to adjust the rangefinder when aiming;
Dashboard selected target;
Showing destinations guns and opponents of the Union artillery on the minimap;
White texture on the skeletons of dead tanks;
Coloured decals penetrations and ricochets;
IamSpotted: Message in game chat with "light up" Player of the tank;
Extended "Rose Team" with additional menu;
Zoom: commander camera with the ability to disable the dynamic camera effects;
ZoomX: sniper mode selector;
NoScroll: disabling switch to the sniper scope with the mouse wheel;
Old server scope;
Removing blackout in sniper scope;
Disabling the jitter caused by damage;
Enabling server-battle in sight on the key;
Replacing the standard game sounds: "Call" at a critical injuries modules and sound when triggered perk "6th sense";
The clock in the hangar;
Colored report on the outcome of battle;
Calculation results of battles, experience and credits per session on the server;
Detailed descriptions of the abilities and skills of the crew;
Custom Carousel tanks with different filters;
Manager game replays;
Autoequip: automatic installation of free modules;
Potapych: automatic activation available LBZ;
Bronyanya: Displays damage blocked by armor;
Surround: distance indicator to the nearest enemy;
Firefly: opponents indication that "illuminates" the player;
Tankopyt: Displays amount of experience to the elite status of the tank;
Crew: advanced private affair tanker;
The total number of hit points in the teams;
Various improvements and interface performance.


Games Version: 0.9.13.


Follow the instructions of the installer. Installation is fully automatic.