8 Feb 2016

9.13 Roughnecks RN_GUI MOD & RN_MODS INSTALLER v9.13.3 By Maggz

-updated minimap mod
-updated Mavs Fog Remover mod to resolve minor issue with improved render
-added sound que to Destructibles mod
-did a minor fix to resolve crashes if no GUI settings found
-reworked Colored Ball mod.
-cleaned up all mods code in prep for next WoT Patch
-updated Zoom mods to conform to B4it, BattleAssistant and other similar mods functionality X2
-updated RN_Stats mod and fixed minor error
-updated driller aimbot (rebuilt config)
-updated and fixed database errors with Anvil aimbot
-updated GUI to conform with upcoming translations database
-added new BattleAssistant mod
-added zessm(mod for showing lit targets in playerspanel,if you do not use XVM)
-numerous other minor code revisions in most every mod.
-added new feature to coloredball mod which marks minimap
-numerous additions to the installer
-moved DLC mod storage to new server and updated installer to reflect

-added new mod breakables (drops all fences in battles)

1. Driller and Anvil aimbots require purchase or it will not work.  
2. There are some cfgs that are not in the gui settings mod due to the fact of the long code for them mods and we choose not to add them. So if you dont see that mod in the GUI then go to this location and open the cfg in notepad++ 
  Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\RN_Mods\xml\    or   \json
3. If you have any other of types of these mods installed uninstall them, they can not work together.