21 Feb 2016

Modpak ProShips FULL - Update World of Warships Version

Hi everyone! 
After the global update World of Warships Version, in the game, much has changed. 
Changed and files that use reputable modders. 
The works were many, all worked and tried for you. 
Do not forget to go to the modders in the subject and to thank them for provided the modification.

The works were many and I, feels practically new from scratch collecting ... 
The whole process will not list - just take my word:)

As has been deleted / updated / added: 
I'll try to write a brief.

Updated icons from Arnak_76RUS. 
Added other options icons on Arnak_76RUS 
Updated icons from Autospy. 
Added other options icons on Autospy 
Updated icons from DeCease. 
Updated icons from Monstrofil. 
Updated icons from Tracks_Destroyer. 
Temporarily removed icons from Roslich 
temporarily remove icons from Hootorez. 
All icons They were transferred to a separate tab for your convenience.

Updated modes Autopilot text FIX from SvetaDoroshenko. 
Updated fashion Air marker from Arnak_76RUS 
Updated modes Telegraph from Mebius_LW. 
Updated events Informative Markers of Tracks Destroyer. 
Added minimap from Monstrofil. 
Updated minimap from Kvalme. 
Updated transparent minimap from Autospy. 
Updated all markers glare ships. 
Updated all Zoom and FOV of Mebius_LW. 
Updated Damagometr. 
Updated fashion colored messages from Kvalme. 
Updated events Battle protractor from W03L0BED. 
Added a test mode timer torpedoes from W03L0BED. 
Updated mod strip HP instead ship the dolls by Autospy. 
Added mod boundary established fumes (Hedgehog in the fog) from Lesta. 
mod added combat capability of the detector Monstrofil.

Updated modes All ships in tree development. 
Updated events unexplored ships in the port, in color. 
Updated flags 
temporarily removed fashion "Empire Flags" 
Updated modes statistics per session. 
Updated modes damage Outcome after the battle. 
Updated events Radio WG FM in the port and battles.

Updated fashion Fog Remover 
Updated Training Room

Removed New version of the boot screen.

I would like to draw your attention to that when "Hedgehog in the Fog" or "radio VG", fashion and Zoom FOV stop working.

That such a change. 
And if it is really very short.

Good luck in battle