24 Feb 2016

[0.9.13] Helpics Modpack v. 1.3 (installer )

Selected mods and options:

Autorepair + fire extinguisher ( key space)
Destroy object on the minimap and in game
Shadow tanks
Reload enemy line on the tanks (gui setting in game)
Something was hit by Sae
Tundra + xray
Laser (only see you)
Red poll+Red ball
Vehicle Markers OTM ally WN8
Damage Log 
HitLog Locations Top
Default Minimap 
Carousel Rows 1 
Sixth Sense Icon Dog + sound Barking ( audio download separately)
Crosshair Minimalistic with Load Timer
Damage Panel
DamageLog by GambitER
Tanked and HitLog
P_MoD Collection
Commander Camera/ZoomOut
ZoomX x2 x4 x6 x8 x10 x16 x20 x24
Starting Sniper Zoom x6
No Intro Video
Session Stats Configs and Color Messages (stat after battle) 
PMod Simple
NoFog/Increased View Range
Spotted Lite
MultiHitLog (wn8 in battle)
Locastan*s HD Minimap
Battle Assistant (G key)
AutoAim - aimbot (by Sae working period 31/03/2016) 
delete it at term in 
C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.13\script\cli ent\gui\mods
file name: mod_auto_aim.pyc
I*m spotted Announcer (only when less than 6 tanks left)
Achievements, medals and awards during the battle with sound ( audio download separately)
Minimap Tankview
Ut Announcer first Blood ( audio download separately)