20 Feb 2016

Contrast Sight Warrior for World of Tanks 0.9.13 WOT

On the standard versions of the sight can talk for hours. But there is one quality that stood out among the many others. What are the advantages of contrast sight Warrior for World of Tanks 0.9.13 WOT?
Firstly, it is based on a number of multi-colored circles, which together with the cross-hair can be easily seen on any type of card. It does not matter whether the player has got to the location, "Tundra", "Himmelsdorf" or "Fire Arc" aim everywhere is equally convenient.
Secondly, in a fashion, "Warrior" has a function of display information. Often, using a standard sight, it is difficult to understand completely boiled down gun or not. It also triggered a signal - and will blink green two horizontal strips on the sides of the circle with a cross.
Third, when a target, enemy armor thickness is shown. Red - shoot useless, it will be no penetration; yellow - everything will depend on the FBG; Green - "bebeshka" good cause damage.
Fourth, collected together and displayed all the relevant information about the technique. The number of rounds, the state of the tank. Recharge time tools. There widget showing the distance to the target. All data are also made in high-contrast colors that are difficult to overlook.