7 Jan 2016

9.13 SLAIM AimBOT By Stealthz

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Unlike the mods in the public domain, this aimbot has a progressive system of search rivals breaking point full of armor and shields miscalculation given the angles.

Current current version:
Work mode is guaranteed only under Windows
P8 modified version with support patch *****
Possibilities of settings in the configuration file:
shot_max_dist Choice maximum distance shot
shot_speed rate selection shell tanks
ku_auto - Enable / disable automatic preemption
ku_1 - Selection of the coefficient in the anticipation of up to 100 meters
ku_2 - Selecting anticipation coefficient at 100 to 200 meters
ku_3 - Selecting anticipation coefficient at 200 to 300 meters
ku_4 - Selecting anticipation coefficient at 300 to 400 meters
ku_5 - Selecting anticipation coefficient at 400 to 500 meters
ku_6 - Selection of the coefficient in the anticipation of the 500 and more
count_gun - Enable / disable the barrel tank vytselivaniya
count_chassis - Enable / disable vytselivaniya psaltery tank
enable_bot - Deactivate working aimbot leaving only preemption
enable_shooting - Enable / disable auto-shot results in terms of penetration
show_digits_aim - Enable / disable the display of armor
show_scope_aim - Enable / Disable display capabilities shot
shot_preventer - Enable / disable blocking shots when aimbot said they would not be hit
prevent_by_armor - Enable / disable blocking shots when aimbot finds that there is no penetration
ind_dispres_limit - setting indicator dispersion
show_dispers_ind - Enable / disable the dispersion indicator
max_ray_koef - adjust the size of the sector, which triggered Automatic snap purpose.
min_count_for_shot - setting for finding the minimum number of points for the penetration of the tank
shot_circle_radius - setting the optimal search radius points
turr_dispression - setting dispersion turret of your tank
shoot_dispression - setting minimum variance barrel of a tank to fire
ricoshet_angle - setting the maximum angle of entry of the projectile to fire
speed_interpolation, dir_interpolation - Setting the search speed points for breakout
AimingAimBot - Enable / Disable Autoselect with the anticipation of the open part of the tank (the center of the body, the lower part of the body, Tower)
Key_Aim - Push Button Configuration aiming point when pre-emption (the center of the body, the lower part of the body, Tower)
Edit settings only Notepad ++ !!!
Added auto bracket capture!
Synchronization of 2 sights
Anticipation for the arts!
Fully working configuration.