9 Jan 2016

Maud Barrel - improved distinctive mark on the trunks [0.9.13]


A few patches ago WG introduced the distinctive markings on the trunks that are visible to all players in the team. To make them, you must have moderate damage on the tank more than 60% of the players. The higher your damage and the greater the percentage of players who he is less, the more markers will have to implement. These marks are very helpful in the battle, after seeing them on the enemy, you start with a more cautious fight, and seeing their allies, with a sigh of relief, because now in the team for less than one cancer.

But it is not always possible to see, especially at a distance, because by default, they are not very noticeable. Maud Barrel - making improved distinctive mark on the trunks that are visible even at great distances. After installing it, you'll be able to see the allies who have the mark, and since this information will build its future strategy for the fight. The same goes for the enemy as soon as you see them in sight, you can immediately find out if they have a mark or not. In general, the same events quite useful. 
Marks divided by now familiar colors in olenemere:

1 mark - Green 
2 mark - blue 
3 marks - Purple 
Important! The hangar will not mark immediately after the installation mode, and after the first fight. 


Copy the folder gui in WOT / res_mods / 0.9.13 /.