5 Jan 2016

[1.7.10] All-U-Want v2.1 (Multiplayer Enabled) Minecraft mod

                                                                 DOWNLOAD LINK

This mod has all the features of the original mod, but multiplayer functionality for the item editor is enabled in this one. Original mod with the disabled feature was created by mister_person.

Mod Features:

- Create and edit any item. Create items with unlimited enchantments up to level 32767, custom attributes, custom names, pretty much anything that can possibly be on an item. The items even work in creative multiplayer!
- Create and edit every aspect of any entity. Have you ever wanted an falling anvil riding an invincible creeper with a block of diamond on its head riding a spider with fire resistance riding an invisible saddled pig? Well now you can have one.
- Create and edit every aspect of any tile entity. You can now put that creature that you made into a mob spawner and have it spawn 10 of them every second. Then you can mark it with a sign with colored text. Then make everyone die with a beacon of wither and poison.

To install, simply extract the jar from the zip and put it in your mods folder. This mod requires Minecraft Forge.